Sunday, November 7, 2010

Week 11 available (ONLINE ONLY)

Due to some unexpected issues with the Dragon resource available on the Design 3 website week 11 has not been opened until now. The dragon model provided to us was broken and I have been working with the company to get this fixed. When you download the resource you will need to be sure to open the Maya 2011 version to work with. Feel free to open the other version to see what was happening to the model when it was opened in 2011. There are other things such as rigging, IK and FK, and basic character animation that we will not be able to cover. I will be providing these resources shortly as an optional reference so that you can learn these things on your own time. I want you to spend the rest of the semester finishing anything you may have missed in Module 3 and completing your Final Project. I will open the submission folder for your final soon. If you remember, your final will consist of a 10 second animation you created a storyboard for at the end of module 1. Thank you for all of your patience and good luck on your final.

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