Thursday, September 9, 2010

Storyboard Program

Hi Guys,
In week 4 under the video resources, I have added a video called "Celtx - Storyboarding". This is a program that will allow you to arrange your storyboard slides in a very simple way. Using this program is free. It is also optional that you do so. I am only showing you the easiest way to do it. Make sure that you create 6 slides. Each slide should represent the key moments of your final animation. So an example would be as follows:

Your animation: A dragon comes from out of the clouds and flies underneath a bridge and then flies off into the distance. A couple seconds later, the bridge collapses into the water.

Your Storyboard: Slide 1 - A dragon approaching from the north. Slide 2 - The dragon is approaching the bridge. Slide 3 - The dragon flies under the bridge. Slide 4 - The dragon is flying away. Slide 5 - The dragon is flying back through the clouds to the south. Slide 6 - The bridge collapses into the water.

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