Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Welcome to 3D Animation. My name is Marc Tucker. I am your instructor. This course provides a knowledge of the 3D Animation Process. In this class we will using a program called Maya by Autodesk. All students in the SGD department are given 13 month licenses for free to use on a lot of Autodesk products including Maya 2011. To download your trail version please follow the steps below. Good Luck with the class and I look forward to seeing your work.


1. Go to www.autodesk.com
2. Mouse over the tab at the top of the page that says "Communities"
3. Select "Students & Educators" from the drop down.
4. Click on "Get Software" across the top
5. Follow the Registration Steps on this page. NOTE: you must use your CPCC student email address. Usually your sign in ID@email.cpcc.edu. For example: mtucker0@email.cpcc.edu.
6. After completing your registration and you are signed in, click on Autodesk Maya in the Download section.
7. Use the drop down menu and select your Operating System to start the download.
8. Be sure to note the serial number and product key so you can use it during installation.
9. If you don't write this down you can always follow the steps 6 - 8 to find it again.


This course has been designed to be as easy to navigate as possible. If at any time during the semester you have questions about course material or concerns about your progress, please contact me by using our student email address and adding the course and section number in the subject line. I check my email several times a day and reply promptly. Failure to email me with the proper subject line may result in my being unable to respond to your emails. You may also come and see me during my office hours. My office is located on CPCC’s Central Campus – fifth floor, room 5118. Please click on the INSTRUCTOR button on the left side of the screen for information regarding my office hours.

Course Info

Please check Announcements frequently. I will post important information, updates and reminders on the Announcements blog throughout the semester.


The ASSIGNMENTS button (located on the left side of the main page) is the most important tool bar in this site. Click on Assignments to learn about the modules (units of study) we'll be covering in this course, as well as specific assignments for each module.

Course Calendar

Click on the COURSE CALENDAR button (located on the left side of the main page) to learn which modules will be covered when. Information concerning exams and assignment due dates may also be included in the course calendar. To be successful in this course, you'll need to follow the course calendar and be careful not to fall behind.

Discussion Board

Click on the DISCUSSION BOARD button (located on the left side of the main page) to access the Discussion Board. The Discussion Board will provide opportunities for you to discuss topics related to the course and to receive feedback from your fellow students and your instructor.

I hope you will enjoy this course and have a great semester. I look forward to seeing you in class and seeing your work.


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